A World I Never Made – by James LePore

“A World I Never Made” by James LePore – a Review by Mike Nolan

     This is James LePore’s (a retired member of the Ocean County Bar) first published work.  It is a suspense novel with excellent characters and plenty of action, adventure, terrorists, gypsies, secret police, and romance.  Each of the characters are well developed and haunted by their pasts.  Within this rousing good story, each completes their journey to reconciliation and healing of their past.

     The story begins with the request of Paris police for the main character, Patrick Nolan to immediately go to Paris to identify the body of his young and beautiful daughter, Megan who has committed suicide.  The adventure and suspense begins in Paris when Nolan discovers that the body is not his daughter, she is in hiding and in great trouble, and needs his help.

     The plot thickens when Nolan lies to beautiful but tormented French Detective Catherine Laurence in the Paris Morgue when he claims the body is his daughter.  Unknown to Nolan, his daughter had been identified as a Person of Interest with ties to an al-Qaeda terrorist’s bombings in Morocco.  The French Secret Police, the Saudi Secret Police and the CIA all have interest in the activities of Megan Nolan.  As a result, Pat Nolan becomes the center of the investigation.

     The author’s extensive research of the Moorish reign over Morocco, North Africa, Spain and Portugal and the Muslim culture of this part of the world lays the foundation for a present day potential of exploitation of this Muslim population’s hunger for a better life; who better to inflame this historical greatness than the chief villain, a handsome, ruthless, rich Saudi terrorist.  A dangerous individual who hides behind wealth and business interests to covertly ferment hatred and recruit the young and idle to attack – not America, but European interest.  Megan Nolan foolishly seduces this villain to manipulate him and is trapped into a dangerous cat and mouse game, a game she cannot win.  Her only hope is her estranged father.

     It is always a joy to read a book when the pace becomes so compelling that you are unable to put it down.  The last third of this book was a serious page-turner – where, late at night – you say to yourself, just one more chapter!  Without spoiling the end, the reader is rewarded by twist within twist, as the story is resolved in an unexpected, surprising but satisfying way.

     Finally, as with all good books, this one finishes with a hope of more to come.  And a question of discovering what becomes of “Pat-Two.”  Without a doubt, I recommend this book – just think, a book written by a lawyer but without one mention of law!

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  1. Jim LePore says:


    Thank you for putting the review up on your website. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to also review Blood of My Brother, my second novel, out now? Let me know, I’ll send you a copy.

    Hope all is well,