How Lawyer’s Talk

A Lawyer’s translation of the phrase – “I give you an orange”

“Know all men by these presents that I hereby give, grant, bargain, sell, release, convey, transfer and quitclaim all my right, title, interest, benefit and use whatever in, of, and concerning this chattel, otherwise known as an orange, or citrus orantium, together will all the appurtenances thereto of skin, pulp, pip, rind, seeds and juice, to have and to hold the said orange together with its skin, pulp, pip, rind, seeds and juice for his own use and behoof, to himself and his heirs in fee simple, forever, free from all liens, encumbrances, easements, limitations, restraints or conditions whatsoever, and all prior deeds, transfers or other documents whatsoever, now or anywhere made to the contrary nothwithstanding, with full power to bite, cut, suck or otherwise eat the said orange or to give away the same, with or without skin, pulp, pip, rind, seeds or juice.”

For those interested – 145 words!

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